“Will I have to take this class again?”

Here is my first account of student accountability (this year).   Next to my classroom door, I posted a fake high school diploma and a notification.  The note reads as follows:

Welcome to High School!!

Here’s how this whole thing works.  When you pass this course, you will earn 5 credits and move to the next level!  Did you know 100 credits gets you a high school degree?

If you fail this course (once, twice, or even three times) guess what?!  You don’t get pushed to the next level.

Do things right the first time and pass this course!  I will do all that I can do to help you, so if you have any concerns…tell me!!

-Miss Janzen

Along with this notification, I posted some advice to pass high school (with every problem there is a solution).

A Step-by-Step Guide To Pass this Course

  • Go to at least 4 classes a week
  • Show up on time and be prepared
  • Focus 95% of the time
  • Do your work
  • Take a short brain break 5% of the time
  • Ask questions if you don’t understand
  • Complete the assigned work in class

The block after lunch, one of my students asked if he was going to have to take this course again (none of my students have ever asked me that question).  Usually I am the one asking them to focus and work hard, so they don’t have to take the class next year.  My heart skipped a beat as I felt the pressure to be directly accountable to my students.  In the public school, I anticipated students hounding me for an extra mark here or there.  This round, things are different.  This isn’t public school.  The next challenge?  How much can I (dangerously) enlighten my students.

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