Ultimate Teaching Checklist: The Documents

When applying for a job with school districts, you will be required to submit a variety of documents.  Here is a list of documents that you will be expected to supply.  Collecting them is quite the process.  I have found that having a folder for each document has saved me alot of hassle when searching for them.

Required Documents:

  1. Applications found on the district’s website
  2. Autobiographical Statement
  3. Child Welfare Check
  4. Cover Letter
  5. Criminal Record Check
  6. CPR Certificate
  7. Degrees / Diplomas / Certificates
  8. Evaluations from IPT / APT / Teaching Experiences
  9. Intervention Check /Police Check
  10. Portfolio
  11. Reference Contact Information and relation to you
  12. Reference Letters
  13. Resume / CV
  14. Teaching Certificate
  15. TQS (Teaching Qualification Services)
  16. Transcripts
  17. Verification of Teaching Experience
  18. Volunteer Experience

Nice to Have:

  1. Current Medical Record
  2. Classroom Management Theory
  3. Classroom Routines
  4. Education Philosophy / Teaching Philosophy
  5. Examples of Student Work
  6. Personal Goals
  7. Personal Philosophy
  8. Statement of Faith

Need for Hiring / Pay Purposes:

  1. Provincial and Federal TD1 Form (http://www.cra-arc.gc.ca/formspubs/frms/td1-eng.html
  2. SIN Card
  3. Void Check (for Direct Deposit)
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