The Ultimate Checklist for a Teaching Position

You’ve probably been asking yourself: “How do I get a teaching job?” or “What is the process in getting a teaching job?”  Unfortunately for us, we’re in the same “job searching boat”.  However, you are most fortunate to be floating along with me, as I habitually tend to collect, organize and write everything that has happened (and continue to) during this job hunt journey.


Step 1: Collect, Photocopy, and Scan Supporting Documents for Job Applications

Step 2: During the final semester in the Education Program apply for Teaching Certificate and TQS

Step 3: Create Teacher On-line Profiles

Step 4: Complete your applications for Teaching Jobs!

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• Apply for your Interim Teaching Certificate & TQS in Final Year
• Continually Prepare Teaching Portfolio (Check out CAPS at the University for more information)
• Create teaching profiles on a variety of teacher application sites
• Gather teaching references and letters from:

Educational Assistants

 Job/ Supervisors / Management

 Other teachers

 Principles / Assistant Principles

 Professors

 University Facilitators

 Volunteer experience and their observations

Note: You need a minimum of 3 references to complete a successful job application.

• Scan appropriate documents for applications
• Stay current with teaching practices and approaches
• Volunteer with different organizations that focus on teaching and community



• Take courses such as: Robotics, Law and Ethics, Construction or Video Games
• Volunteer!!
• Take other relevant teaching courses with:

• Metro

• Grant MacEwan University

• Bosco Homes



• Send Letter of Introduction to University Facilitator and Mentor Teacher
• Organized a binder with tabs for practicum (Check university website for week to week expectations and suggestions on how to organize your student teacher binder)
• Create appropriate FOIP form for students
• Criminal Record Check ($48) and Child Welfare Check (free)

Two (2) pieces of current government issued identification is required to obtain a Police Information Check. Please be advised that one of these pieces must be photo identification.



Step 1: Collect, Photocopy, and Scan Supporting Documents for Job Applications

Scan and save ALL documents as individual one page files AND multiple pages files!!

For example: APTFinalEvaluationp1.pdf




Some application sites want you to upload each page separately, while other sites want the full document in one file.  You may find that you will need to condense the files as some sites like Education Canada will only allow the files to be a maximum 150K.



Check List


 Autobiographical Statement

 Child Welfare Check

 Cover Letter

 Criminal Reference Check

 Degrees / Diplomas / Certificates

 Evaluations from IPT & APT

 Interim Teaching Certificate

 Reference Contact Information and Relation to you

 Reference Letters (minimum of 3)

 Resume

 Teacher Application Form (Each district has their own documents)

 Teaching Qualification Services (TQS)

 Transcripts


Other Documents

 Baptismal Certificate

 Letter of Introduction

 Medical Record

 Pastoral/Faith Community Reference

 Personal Philosophy

 Philosophy of Catholic Education

 Professional Goals

 Records Disclosure

 Teaching Philosophy

 Teaching Portfolio

 Volunteer Experience

Hiring Purposes

 Banking Information for direct deposit purposes (i.e. void cheque)

 Birth Certificate or Valid Driver’s License

 Current Intervention Record Check (will need to view original)

 Current Police Information Check (will need to view original)

 Provincial AND Federal TD1 Form

 Social Insurance Card (will need to view original)

 Valid Alberta Teaching Certificate


Step 2: During the final semester in the Education Program apply for

1. Teaching Certificate (Application Fee is $200)

Application Form for Interim Teaching Certification

Info: How to Apply

Info: Alberta Graduate Applicants


2. TQS (Application Fee $70)

Application Form and Guide Book

Applications take time. You will need your Teaching Certificate before you can obtain the TQS. Send in both of the applications though and arrange to have your transcripts and other documents to be sent to the appropriate locations. The Teacher Qualifications Service (TQS) is the agency in Alberta responsible for evaluating teachers’ years of education for salary purposes.

Step 3: Create Teacher Online Profiles

Do not limit yourself to these sites alone to apply for teaching jobs! Check out each district website to see what is their hiring process. Some districts/ divisions use these sites and others will require that you upload your documents onto their site!

For example: Elk Island School Board

Apply to Education

You must purchase credits ($12 for each) to allow selected districts to view your profile and apply to job postings.

The Wild Rose School Division is one of the divisions that use this site for the hiring process

District Office Online

St. Albert is a district that uses this site for the hiring process

Education Canada


Jobs in Education


female graduates



Step 4: Complete your applications for Teaching Jobs!

As soon as you have graduated, you are able to obtain your TQS, Teaching Certification, and Transcripts. To apply for teaching jobs you usually have to apply to the district / jurisdiction / board/ division before you can teach at a school. For instance, if you would like to obtain a job at any Edmonton School, you must apply to the Edmonton Public School Board. Each division has a different application process. On the other hand, if you want to teach on a First Nations Reserve, usually you’re able to drop off your resume directly at the school and MAYBE get a call from the principle and/or assistant principle asking you to substitute. Be prepared…they might just offer you a teaching position!


First Nation Profiles Interactive Map

List of Indian reserves in Alberta







Each school district’s approach to hiring varies. Research what each district or school board is looking for from their applicants.



Aspen View Public School Division No 78
Battle River Regional Division No 31
Black Gold Regional Division No 18
Buffalo Trail Public Schools Regional Division No 28
Calgary School District No 19
Canadian Rockies Regional Division No 12
Chinook’s Edge School Division No 73
Clearview School Division No 71
Edmonton School District No 7
Elk Island Public Schools Regional Division No 14
Foothills School Division No 38
Fort McMurray Public School District No 2833
Fort Vermilion School Division No 52
Golden Hills School Division No 75
Grande Prairie Public School District No 2357
Grande Yellowhead Public School Division No 77
Grasslands Regional Division No 6
High Prairie School Division No 48
Horizon School Division No 67
Lethbridge School District No 51
Livingstone Range School Division No 68
Lloydminster Public School Division
Medicine Hat School District No 76
Northern Gateway Regional Division No 10
Northern Lights School Division No 69
Northland School Division No 61
Palliser Regional Division No 26
Parkland School Division No 70
Peace River School Division No 10
Peace Wapiti School Division No 76
Pembina Hills Regional Division No 7
Prairie Land Regional Division No 25
Prairie Rose School Division No 8
Red Deer Public School District No 104
Rocky View School Division No 41
St Albert Public School District No 5565
St Paul Education Regional Division No 1
Sturgeon School Division No 24
Westwind School Division No 74
Wetaskiwin Regional Division No 11
Wild Rose School Division No 66
Wolf Creek School Division No 72


Separate Jurisdictions

Calgary RC Separate School District No 1
Christ the Redeemer Catholic Separate Regional Division No 3
East Central Alberta CS Schools Regional Division No 16
Edmonton Catholic Separate School District No 7
Elk Island Catholic Separate Regional Division No 41
Evergreen Catholic Separate Regional Division No 2
Fort McMurray Roman Catholic Separate School District No 32
Grande Prairie Roman Catholic Separate School District No 28
Greater St Albert Roman Catholic Separate School District No 734
Holy Family Catholic Regional Division No 37
Holy Spirit Roman Catholic Separate Regional Division No 4
Lakeland Roman Catholic Separate School District No 150
Living Waters Catholic Regional Division No 42
Medicine Hat Catholic Separate Regional Division No 20
Red Deer Catholic Regional Division No 39
St Thomas Aquinas Roman Catholic Separate Regional Division No 38


Other Resources on Districts:

Authorities and Schools Directory

List of school districts in Alberta



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