Substitute Teaching Form

Throughout my subbing experience at Nipisihkopahk Secondary School, I’ve been jotting notes down for each block on blank sheets of paper for the teacher to read the following day.  Now that the winter holidays are over and more substitute teaching opportunities are coming up, I’ve decided to put my first substitute teacher report together.  During university, I chatted with […]

The Ultimate Checklist for a Teaching Position

You’ve probably been asking yourself: “How do I get a teaching job?” or “What is the process in getting a teaching job?”  Unfortunately for us, we’re in the same “job searching boat”.  However, you are most fortunate to be floating along with me, as I habitually tend to collect, organize and write everything that has happened […]

Student Teaching at Bev Facey Community High

The first week of the teaching practicum at Bev Facey went very well.  I’m extremely pleased with the placement.  The school has a welcoming atmosphere and the staff have been great with helping me familiarize myself with the school.  One of the programs that really stands out to me is “Facey TV” which allows students to earn […]