Student Teaching at Bev Facey Community High

The first week of the teaching practicum at Bev Facey went very well.  I’m extremely pleased with the placement.  The school has a welcoming atmosphere and the staff have been great with helping me familiarize myself with the school.  One of the programs that really stands out to me is “Facey TV” which allows students to earn credits towards graduation. The purpose of the course is to provide real life experiences and opportunities while creating and developing their own news program.   I have heard the lovely performances from the drama theater, caught the aroma of cinnamon buns, and saw a recently saw a glimpse of the impressive cosmetology room.    I am excited to experience what else is happening in the high school in the weeks to come!

Each day consists of  four blocks and daily my students have an art class.  With the Art 20 class we have been discussing figure drawing.  On Thursday I taught the students gesture drawing.  Gesture drawing is a quick way to capture anything on paper.  More often than not, it is used for an animate object but really, could be used for anything. From the student’s feedback, and my mentor teacher Mr. Milne, gesture drawing was a hit!  The lesson involved three chalk pastel colors and large sheets of paper.  The students had to stay standing the entire time while they were drawing.  After the first 45 seconds, they dropped their medium and walked around the class to see what other students are doing.  I believe that looking at other people’s work is extremely important in helping student’s learn what is possible, rather than looking only at their work.  With the time varying, we repeated this “creating and critiquing”.  After the session was done, the students got their own portfolios to put work in.  I asked the whole class if this was something that they thought that they would use again…and there was a resounding “yes”!  The only protest was that I had not joined in with them!

Slowly, I will be teaching lessons to the grade 10 class.  I have given a couple of quick demos on the angle measurement and measurement system.  They have been using shoes for their still life and most of them seem to understand the “method behind the madness”. On Friday, the students formed a circle and shared what they have been drawing in their sketchbooks.  The task was to draw a time where they got in trouble.  Clever way to create a good class atmosphere and get to know the students!  Definitely shared some good laughs and stories!

The first week of nine has gone by incredibly fast!  Soon, figure drawing will be done and the art 20 students will be moving onto color theory.  If you have any good lesson ideas that you have used in the past, let me know!  Who knew one could be excited for Monday?!

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