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Robot Stickers for Rocking Behavior

At the beginning of the term, I explained to the students what type of behavior I expected from them.  Implementing negative consequences (such as referrals) is a system I have been using since the beginning of February.  Honestly, writing referrals is a bit depressing.  Attendance is low, many of my students do not arrive to class on time and they are not prepared.   I am an optimist and I want to see the best in my students!   After thinking about the different options I could use in my class,  I am hoping that rewards will work…even if stickers are juvenile.  I’ve never used the sticker reward system before, nor have I seen it used during my short amount of teaching that I have done thus far.

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The Logistics of the Sticker System:

  • 1 sticker for working hard and staying focused
  • 1 sticker for being prepared and on time for class
  • 10 stickers for reaching 80% or above on modules or chapter tests

Redeem 5 stickers for:

  • Tea
  • Candy
  • Hot chocolate

Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll see if this new system works.  It does take a bit of effort on my part…but the students are more aware that I am looking for good behavior and that I am noticing it!  My theory is that this will pay off in a positive manner at the end of the day.  If this new plan changes behavior for the better, I know it is worth the cost and effort!

Today, one of my students came into my class before leaving for the weekend.  He grabbed his math duotang from the blue basket by the door and sheepishly walked up to my desk.

“What can I get for my stickers again?”  We chatted casually, as I opened the four containers of various chocolates and rockets from my desk.  “You have tea too right?”  I lifted the Stash tea boxes off of the white shelves and carefully brought them out for him to look through.  With a large grin he picked out a Pomegrante Raspberry tea and a Blueberry Airhead candy.

Some of my students may arrive late and forget their work booklet three days in a row, but at least they got themselves out of bed and come to my class.  Celebrate the little successes.  Any good thing.

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