Part 5: Relationships – Pornography Addiction and Recovery

For Students

Fight The New Drug: Pornography Addiction and Recovery

Part I – Get the Facts

Part II – Harmful Effects

Part III – The Movement

Part IV – Fortify Recovery Program

Part V – True Recovery Stories

For Educators

Outcomes Covered

o   Sexuality & Relationships

  • Examine a range of behaviours for handling sexual involvement
  • How do personal values play in the role of relationships?
  • Examine the range of behaviours and choices regarding sexual expression
  • Describe how personal values play a role in relationships
  • Describe sexually healthy actions and choices for one’s own body, including abstinence
  • Analyze strategies for choosing responsible and respectful sexual expression
  • Describe how personal values influence choices

o   Sexuality & Health

  • Explain the ongoing responsibility for being sexually healthy
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