Inside Out

The concept of “Inside Out” is a global form of semi-permanent graffiti used by the community or individuals who are relaying a message and reclaiming their streets.

JR, is a semi-anonymous French street artist who uses his camera to show the world its true face.  He would paste these photos of the human face across massive canvases. In 2011 he presented his idealized TED Prize wish: to use art to turn the world inside out.

It’s beautiful to see the transformation of the various buildings around the world and how something as simple as wheat paste can bring pride to a community.  JR’s is such an inspiration.  Although, his wish of global street art is hindered by authorities who have put all graffiti into the same category…that this expression of art leads to gang violence and the destruction of communities

There are many objectives that a project like Inside Out addresses.  In the COM Program of Studies students learn about design techniques and various print reproduction processes.  As students order prints from across the world they are using materials (large prints) that they wouldn’t usually have access to.

There are questions brought to light about copyright restrictions and permissions when using photos from people within the community. Students will be encouraged to explore the impact media has on society and they will be considering these topics as they work through the project: technology, economics, community, and politics.


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