Illegal Art Practices: Transformation of Thoughts

These past few weeks, I have been able to watch several graffiti films on youtube.  These films would include: Exit through the Gift shop, Graffiti Wars and Alter Ego.  Each video raises questions concerning graffiti and art in various ways.  After watching the videos, I knew that these films would be great conversation starters for […]

Legal Expression

This year, John Ciarrone, 22 is facing more than 100 charges for spray painting various areas within the city.  He began tagging at age 15 after friends got him into it and said, although he knows it is wrong, it was a good outlet. “It was an outlet for my negative energy,” said Ciarrone. “I […]

Inside Out

The concept of “Inside Out” is a global form of semi-permanent graffiti used by the community or individuals who are relaying a message and reclaiming their streets. JR, is a semi-anonymous French street artist who uses his camera to show the world its true face.  He would paste these photos of the human face across […]