Artist in Residence: Markus Alexander

Our APT class had the pleasure of listening to Markus Alexander this Tuesday. Over the years, as an expressive art practitioner and teacher, he has collected a wide array of knowledge and beliefs.

I’ve wrestled with this notion of being a teacher and an artist at the same time. Do I leave my “teacher thoughts” at the school? Or is it okay to bring these ideas with me when I walk into my home? Truly though, a separation of these identities cannot occur. I belong to one body and the emotions that I experience in one area of my life, “home” for example, cannot be entirely ignored. It’s healthy to recognize that I am called to be professional but I experience life at the same time. The important detail to remember is the honesty and awareness that I continue to maintain within myself.

Daily, I have collected new theories about: teaching, the profession, personal growth, etc. In the amount of time given to complete my APT, all these ideas I have learned can be quite overwhelming! I honestly wish that I could write more about the thoughts that Markus shared with our class, but there is too much that I don’t know where to begin! Instead, you’ll find much wisdom in the photographed notes I stuck in this tumblr post or through the gallery below.  In the writing, there isn’t alot of commentary on how I interpreted the talk, but I believe one will grasp what thoughts I resonated with.

If you have a chance to visit Markus Alexander’s site, I strongly encourage you to do so. You can find out more about the World Arts Organization at He will be participating in a number of talks and workshops during February and March, at the University. Be sure to check it out!

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