Inverse BEDMAS is real

There is such a thing as inverse BEDMAS.  That is the embarrassing revelation I reached today (contrary to the forums on askingtoexpert and yahoo).  Some people believe that once an individual obtains a teaching degree that they will be blessed with the magical power of infinite knowledge and wisdom.  Although my critical thinking skills have made leaps and bounds, a […]


Worksheet Sites for Teachers

No Subscription ABC Teach ABPI (Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry) Docstoc DocumEnter Family Education  Great Schools Have Fun Teaching Learn Now BC Learn Zillion The Cornerstone for Teachers The Education Center The Teacher’s Guide   Subscription Get Worksheets $29.99 / Annual Membership Super Teacher Worksheets The Ed Helper Classroom Ready Teacher Vision  

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Teach Yourself Anything

Academic Earth Academic Earth was launched on the premise that everyone deserves access to a world-class education.  We want to make sure there is something for everyone: whether you want to explore a new topic or advance in your current field, we bring the amazing world of academia to you for free. Khan Academy Our mission […]


Guiding my students by rewarding desired behaviour

So far, the candy and hot drink reward system has been working! There has been a decrease in undesired behavior, such as lates, being unprepared and off- task behavior, from my grade 10 and 11 students.  I’ve had a handful of students fill out a sticker chart (25 stickers total) these past few weeks! I’ve […]


“Will I have to take this class again?”

Here is my first account of student accountability (this year).   Next to my classroom door, I posted a fake high school diploma and a notification.  The note reads as follows: Welcome to High School!! Here’s how this whole thing works.  When you pass this course, you will earn 5 credits and move to the next level!  Did […]

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Robot Stickers for Rocking Behavior

At the beginning of the term, I explained to the students what type of behavior I expected from them.  Implementing negative consequences (such as referrals) is a system I have been using since the beginning of February.  Honestly, writing referrals is a bit depressing.  Attendance is low, many of my students do not arrive to class […]


Going to the Basics of Multiplication

I am learning how to teach fundamental math skills.  This is an incredibly stretching task.  Before I can go on teaching equivalent fractions, I have to show the students how to multiply…and how does the concept of multiplication even work? I am looking at various multiplication models.  What if my students don’t even know how to add?  


Nipisihkopahk Secondary School Art Classroom 2015

Welcome to the Nipisihkopahk Secondary School Art Classroom!  My students and I have worked very hard to organize the classroom sort through years of collected artwork and supplies. I am very fortunate to have two classrooms joined together.  The main room is where students create their major art projects.  There are plenty of shelves and cupboards designed […]

Map of Canada and Newfoundland 1949

The Ultimate Teaching Check-list: Teaching Application Sites in Canada

There are three main education hiring sites that are used in Canada: Apply to Education  Education Canada  District Office Online   Divisions that have their own application site Wetaskawin  St. Albert School Board Elk Island Public Schools Edmonton Catholic Schools  Create a profile and upload your documents onto the site.  Be prepared to list your: […]